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SEO Specialist

If you are looking to take your business to the next level, look no further! Expert SEO services are necessary to increase your reach online, and that is precisely what we provide.

We use several digital marketing techniques to help small online businesses improve their online visibility. We will optimize digital content, increase your organic reach, and boost your website performance.

SEO Specialist
About Alla
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My Goal

To win many awards in the world of SEO and to establish a name in the digital marketing sphere that will help me add value to the industry.

About Me

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 DMI CDMS - S & P 
 DMI CDMS - Search 

Welcome to optÿ My name is Alla, a certified digital marketing specialist, CDMS, in Strategy and Search. SEO is my passion. I founded optÿ so I can help online businesses optimize their digital space for traffic and conversion. I work with enthusiastic business owners who are passionate about their business and are eager to succeed. I work with professionals whose expertise covers several industries. I take the time to understand your business and your objectives to help you better overcome the online challenges and succeed in the digital space.

What I Value

Honesty is everything; I am always clear about the challenges and the possibilities. I don't promise what I can't deliver. You can be sure of a transparent and truthful service here.

My Mission

My mission is to make sure that your business continues to achieve more online. I help all companies reach their goals, enhance their brand, and connect with more customers online.

What do we do at optÿ

SEO techniques

We use a number of digital marketing techniques to help improve your online visibility and help increase your online sales.  SEO is not a one-time task, it is a process that must evolve to your business’s needs and objectives.  To ensure effective execution of an SEO strategy we focus on Three Pillars for our SEO framework.

What Do We Do

The Three Pillars of Our SEO Framework

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to SEO, and this is something that I recognize highly. You can be sure that I will always tailor the solution to suit your specific needs. So, let's take a look at the three pillars of the SEO work that I provide:

On-page optimization
SEO Content
"Add a testimonial and showcase positive feedback from a happy client or customer."

A Full Stack SEO Service

We are delighted to offer a full-stack SEO service, which means that we leave no stone unturned when it comes to the SEO services that we provide. We make sure that you get all of the help and assistance you require for your website.

 Keyword Research 
Keyword research

Keywords are the essence of digital marketing. Finding the right keywords relevant to your business is crucial to your digital success. We do the research that is needed to understand what keywords your prospective customers are using and assess the competitiveness so that we know how hard it is going to be to rank for each keyword.

 Backlink Building 

Connecting your website to other platforms relative to your industry will help build authority and trust, which will lead to more traffic. We make sure that there are premium quality links from authoritative websites relevant to your business.

Backlink building
 Content Writing 
Content writing

Put the keywords into context and write content that delivers value to your audience. Content writing has its due diligence and must be done objectively. You need to ensure that every piece you produce adds value while also helping you build your search engine presence at the same time.

 Technical SEO 

The technical side of SEO is just as important as the rest; it includes creating and managing technical files, site architecture, and site maps. We are experts when it comes to technical SEO, so you can be sure that we will cover this part of your website effectively.

Technical SEO
 Website Performance Optimization 
Website performance optimization

Maintaining and optimizing the website for performance to improve customer experience will increase engagement and conversion rate. Many people do not realize that their website design and structure also make a massive difference when it comes to SEO. After all, if your website is slow to load, your bounce rate will be high.

 Local SEO 

Local SEO includes features in Google Maps and being high up on the search engine result pages when people search for a business in a specific area. This is imperative when it comes to targeted customers within a specific location.

Local SEO

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"Maintain a top performing website, relevant content, and quality backlinks, and your SEO efforts will pay off. "

Alla Kharrousheh
Founder, optÿ

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